From the ancient Egyptian pyramids to the towering Mayan temples in Mexico, stone has proven itself to be everlasting in both its resilience to the elements and its beauty to the eye. Today, the very same natural stone landscapes that built those great ancient dynasties can now offer the tiles, slabs and carving blocks that modern architecture craves. 


Dean Agency Int'l, Ltd. selects stone manufacturing partners very carefully. Our selected natural stone providers are chosen because they share our philosophy of environmental awareness, precision of process and commitment to quality.

We bring you the world's most beautiful stone...any type, style, size or finish.

We specialize in limestone, shell stone and coral stone.

Below are our most popular products.

How we cut and finish our stone
Coral Stone
Coral Stone
Uxmal Orange
Uxmal Orange
Coral Stone

A soft white stone,  coral stone contains crustacean fossils and organic impressions and brings the Florida Keys to mind. Also known as Ostra and Florida Coral Stone, it can range from an open texture to a tight and dense surface. It is excellent for decorative purposes, interior or exterior. It can be used in different sizes and a minimum thickness of three quarters inch to form several patterns in any vertical or horizontal application. Our coral stone is only harvested from quarries well inland, never from an active and vibrant ocean environment.


It is the closest in color and veining to Italian Perlato marble. It features beige and light brown tones with an occasional vein of brown and terracotta. It is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Sisal​ (Coquina)

This is an off-white stone with accents of tan and beige. Sisal has a sensual, natural texture that is reflected in its honey-brown color and its seashell content. It is ideal for floor and wall coverings, interior or exterior.

Uxmal Orange
(Ticul or Naranja)

This stone comes from high ground which once was a volcanic ridge in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is also a hard stone suitable for interior or exterior applications.  As its name reflects, this reddish orange color, often seen in the sky at sunset, gives designers multiple alternatives for creating different and outstanding decorative patterns. The  Mayan ruins of Uxmal are located near this quarry.


Honed & Unfilled

Smooth with no disc marks, has a matte finish, and no fill.

It is the least expensive of the finishes.



A weak acid wash has a more textured finish with no disc marks;

good for areas where slip resistance is desired.



Smooth with a mostly matte finish, some gloss, and is filled.



Smooth with a high gloss and filled.


Rough textured finish on all surfaces of a tile. This finish is achieved through a tumbling action with silica sand.


Antique / Brushed

Replicates rustic or distressed textures. Mechanical or chemicals means are used to simulate natural aging effects.


Chiseled Edges

This rustic, aged appearance produced by mechanically chipping the stone edge.


Split-Faced Stone Finish

Slabs are split in a split-face machine. This exposes the stone's bedding in natural orientation or overturned, cleft or vertical.

Limestone is popular on patios, walkways, and around pools. In the hottest climates, limestone is ideal because many types are heat resistant and cool to walk on with bare feet. We also offer exotic marbles and stones from around the world. We specialize in custom requests to accommodate your distinctive design plan. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the types of natural stone, stone colors, finishes and edges.

Once the raw boulders are brought in, they are put on computerized block cutters which cut the stone into slabs.  The slabs are then processed with state-of-the-art machinery for use in varying end products.  For tiles, they are gauged, squared, processed with the various finishes, and packed for shipping.  Only the highest quality tiles are selected for final shipment.