Large-Scale Ornamentals


Unlike many other stone providers, we have the ability to produce custom large-scale, ornamental hand-carved pieces which include columns, balustrades, fireplaces, pool copings, tabletops, sinks, vanity tops, and custom moldings. This is a product offering exclusive to our stone crafters and one that sets us apart in the natural stone marketplace.

The most immediate appeal of natural stone is its radiance, its beauty and its organic durability. Natural stone is timeless and classically simplistic. 


At Dean Agency International, Ltd., we believe that the very traits that make natural stone so appealing and desirable are the same reasons why its extraction and preparation need to be so careful and precise. Stone is, of course, of the earth and, therefore, should be acquired with a passionate concern for the environment. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that we remain constantly aware of how our operations impact the land and communities around us.


Natural stone, while certainly functional in its strength and wearability , can also serve as an inspiring art element in commercial or residential design. It is with a deep reverence and respect for stone's eternal appeal that our artisans proficiently create your custom elements by using both traditional hand-carving techniques, as well as, state-of-the-art machinery.  Let us show you how we can deliver any size stone to your exact specifications in a myriad of types, cuts, colors and finishes.

Only the highest quality stone bears our name.
No other building material on earth is as sustainable as natural stone


It's not easy being green...but many competing materials claim to be!


Natural stone offers life-long endurance, strength, beauty, and value. Not only is the end product of natural stone steadfast and appealing, but nearly 100% of stone reclaimed from a project can be recycled and either reused in future construction endeavors or crushed for other purposes. Another way natural stone proves itself as an environmentally sound choice is when it is used in "green building" projects. Green building means that the entire process of obtaining the natural stone is centered around the environment. Each step is designed to increase the efficiency of resource usage, such as water, energy, and materials. All the while, reducing a building's impact on human health, and the environment, during its life cycle. This includes considerations like site selection, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal or disposal.


Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Regenerate, Reforest, and Repurpose


How do we do it? In many ways!


In keeping with our commitment to responsibly harvest and repurpose everything we extract from the earth, a majority of our production process waste is crushed and used for roads. In addition, the waste is also used to make mosaics. The water we use is directed to run-off basins and recycled back to the plant for use in the machines. In some quarries, sediment captured during this process is used in reforesting operations, while in others, holes fill naturally with water where abundant underwater ecosystems can thrive, thus providing prosperous fishing and aquatic farming for the local communities. Our quarries are located several miles inland where the sea has long retreated. We never extract stone from the fragile, and still living, ocean environment.


Leed Certification


The U.S. Green Building Council rates the environmental quality of products and processes through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design points...or LEED... points. To earn points on the LEED rating scale, raw materials must be harvested, produced and delivered within a 500-mile radius. If the tile has 10-20%, or more, post-consumer recycled product, the U.S. Green Building Council also awards points toward a LEED certification. While we can procure natural stone from anywhere in the world, the proximity of our Mexican Gulf suppliers gives our U.S. customers an edge in earning LEED points over our competitors and, overall, greatly reduces our emissions impact during the import process.

Our entire production process is designed with the environment in mind.

Custom Handcrafting


We can produce most any size tile or slab for you.  Applications, for example, include flooring, interior and exterior wall cladding, and exterior paving.  Additionally, our stone carvers can create nearly any element your project requires using sophisticated architectural design software. 


Let us develop an eco-friendly, cost-effective and unique natural stone solution for you from concept through final product. Call 704.364.2552 today!