Driven by Old World tradition

Stone World


By Michael Reis

The home of Nascar legend Junior Johnson and his wife is characterized by a variety of classical elements, including honed Mexican limestone

Hand-carved Charm in Limestone

Stone World


By Jennifer L. Sanicki

Blending with a variety of manmade elements, Mexican limestone was a choice material for the Phillips Place mall in the thriving South Park area of Charlotte, NC

Invoking the sea with Mexican limestone

Stone World


The design of this law office within the Nations Bank Building in Charlotte, NC, intended to deliver the feeling of the ocean for its occupants

New company inks Mexican trade deal

The Business Journal


By Clint Engel
The former manager of the honorary consulate of Mexico's Charlotte office has inked her first deal under a company she established to help foreign companies capture U.S. business.


Diana Dean, The Dean Agency president, has a contract with Mayabtun S.A. de C.V. of Merida, Mexico to help it market its products in the Southeast.


Mayabtun, which processes and finishes shell stone, a marble-like stone, will ship to Renfrow Tile Distributing Co. Inc. in Charlotte. Renfrow will resell the products to the construction industry.

The shell-stone tile is used for countertops and flooring. Dean is working to find other distributors in the Southeast.


Dean, who operates out of her Charlotte home, is close to completing a second deal with Bademex S.A. de
C.V., which makes bathroom accessories with gold-plated trim. Wilkinson Supply Co. in Charlotte would distribute the accessories.

She estimated the two contracts will bring more than $100,000 for her firm next year and $500,000 in U.S. sales for each company's products if the construction market recovers.

Dean, who is fluent in French and Spanish, saw a need for foreign-business representation while with the Mexican consulate. U.S. companies would call the office regularly, looking for new suppliers.


"(Mexican companies) are hungry to market in the United States, and they have very limited experience," said Wayne Cooper, honorary Mexican consul and president of Arcon Manufacturing Inc.